Angel Readings

For many, many years Divination tools have been among us.

Tarot is one that many cultures have resorted to, and is the language of, the Divine. They are accurate, intriguing and give concise readings; however, some of the imagery on some of the more ancient card decks are fear based causing some anxiety, secrecy or unnecessary worry. Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine created a deck that encompasses both the accuracy of the Tarot but the uplifting and loving perspective of an Angel message.

Since loving and powerful guides who want to assist us in every area of our life surround us all, we are able to bring awareness to any situation that is bringing us some uncertainty. Through their assistance, guidance, and light our vibration is increased. As we allow our ‘inner knowing’ or ‘gut feelings’ to be heard we have the intuition, the visions, or the inner voice, all trying to tell us something, and it is very important that we trust and follow this guidance.

Angel readings are angelic messages that assist you in gaining insight and clarity into your most challenging situations by presenting both cause and effect from a broader, more heavenly, perspective. Angelic guidance helps you discover your own personal path to healing and balance.

The guidance you receive is always loving and comes from a positive, uplifting perspective. Angelic messages are never fear based, negative or frightening. You may receive guidance on romance, career, finances, life purpose or health. The angels support you in finding your own inner truth and answers. And many times, an angel reading will confirm something you already know, bringing validation to your own intuitive gifts.

“Thank you so much for today!!!  I feel amazing, much lighter and feel I have the tools to deal with my stress now.  I always kind of knew what some of the issues were, but I just needed affirmation and a plan and you did that for me.”
Heather D, Blackfalds, Alberta


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If you have an emergency, please let me know so that I can treat your specific situation with personal attention.

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