Meet Lisa Lopes

I am blessed and honoured to be a channel for deep transformations in those I work with. I’m an intuitive healer.

I hold Sacred Space to allow one towards self awareness and empowering themselves to remember their roles as their own greatest healers.

I encourage you to walk daily in full trust and faith, understanding you are supported by the Divine.

Catalyst for change, oracle of wisdom and sprinkler of Magick

I have total faith in the power of ritual and awareness, energy and intention to bring people back into their natural state of unconditional love. I’ll be your grounding presence and take you on an inner journey of discovery.

My approach is from a place of love, peace and innocence. I believe that when held in the fullness of compassion, we are able to release whatever does not serve us and uncover the seeds of our own inner garden; our subconscious mind. I am honoured to hold a space of peace and light for you to unfold, connect with your deepest hearts desires, and move forward with the answers that emerge from there.

I am humbled by the power of this work as I watch my clients meet their own capacity to heal, release pain, open their hearts. To step forward into the fullness of who they are now or who they are meant to be.

I invite you to awaken to your own journey and release the inner chaos.