Lisa Lopes

In my life, learning the disciplines of Reiki, Meditation and other energy-based therapies, has been profoundly instrumental in facilitating my own healing and awakening. I have been practicing holistic therapies since 2002 and have developed my clairvoyance abilities.

I offer individual therapy sessions, group workshops, and practitioner training.

My approach is from a place of love, peace and innocence. I believe that when held in the fullness of compassion, we are able to release whatever does not serve us and uncover the seeds of our own inner garden; our subconscious mind. I am honoured to hold a space of peace and light for you to unfold, connect with your deepest hearts desires, and move forward with the answers that emerge from there.

I am humbled by the power of this work as I watch my clients meet their own capacity to heal, release pain, open their hearts. To step forward into the fullness of who they are now or who they are meant to be.

I invite you to awaken to your own journey and release the inner chaos.


Love for Nine of Water

What some of my Clients are saying…

Tina, Alberta

Lisa is a truly gifted, inspiring woman. As soon as you meet her, you can feel her energy and positivity. I first met her for a pendulum course, which was so much fun and really informative. I’ve had two energy sessions with her so far, and they’ve really helped me move past some old fears and bottled emotions that I struggled with on my own. She is generous with her spirit and makes time to give guidance when needed. With her help (and the always spot-on things she posts on Facebook), I’ve definitely made a lot of progress in accepting myself at a deeper level. If you’ve been hesitant to see someone for energy work, Lisa will give you a reason to keep coming back.

She’s Amazing!

Travis, Alberta

When I first met Lisa I was at an extremely difficult and low place in my life. She was able to help me release the guilt and anger that was consuming me and show me how to begin healing. Through our sessions together she has helped me see what I want in life and what is truly important. She has also taught me how to handle some of life’s biggest challenges without falling back into my destructive ways, to be patient, watch for the signs that I’m being given and trust in my abilities. Lisa’s gifts are absolutely amazing and I will forever be grateful for all that she has been able to do for me.

Cherie, Alberta

Thank you so much Lisa for the treatment on Wednesday! I felt much lighter as I moved out and into my day, with more energy than I’ve
had in a long time! I have always trusted in the innate wisdom of our bodies to heal themselves – and I know my body has been holding onto all kinds of stuff. I also trust that we were created for community – helping one another along in life and sharing our gifts “for the sake of others” … I so appreciate you using your gift in helping whole bodies (mind, body, spirit) heal! I also appreciate your bits of advice to me and I’m using the affirmations and creating my vision board to help integrate what I trust God is healing! Thank you again! I look forward to another treatment in six weeks or so! Blessings …

Amanda, Alberta

Lisa is one of the most amazing people I have ever met and has literally changed my entire outlook on life. It all started last year with her coming in for a brow appointment and leaving a business card and has blossomed into not only a wonderful friendship but putting me on a much more peaceful life path. Because let’s face it, life is HARD work. Being a business owner is by far the most stressful thing I’ve ever taken on (and as a mother of 4, that’s saying a LOT) and this past year I have learned how to cope with my stresses with Lisa’s guidance. I am a better parent, friend, boss and wife. My sessions with her keep me grounded and focused. I guarantee you’ll leave with a clear head and a lighter step.

I just can’t say enough great things about this hidden gem, so check it out for yourself and “get the issues out of your tissues”.

Jessica, Alberta

The English language is not complex enough to fully express the powerful transformation to which I am currently awakening. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming into my life at just the right moment.

Jane, Ontario

Lisa’s treatments are outstanding!! She is able to tap into the energy field and bring what is needed for the sessions…which are very powerful and healing. Her disposition is always positive and her intent is of an angel… I highly recommend her to anyone who needs healing!!

Danielle, Ontario

Lisa is truly a gifted individual.  The treatment I received helped to heal my physical and emotional ailments.  I left the treatment feeling as though a large weight had been lifted off of me.  I highly recommend working with Lisa; it is an amazing experience.