Nine of Water offers spiritual direction, peace and guidance

Energy Therapy

This is what Energy Therapy is all about – helping you discover, release, and heal the conscious and unconscious patterns, beliefs, and traumas that keep you from experiencing the true fullness of who you really are. Not who you THINK you are or what your past experiences have lead you to believe about yourself, but who you actually are!

We tend to create blocks and imbalances when we don’t allow certain energy to flow through the body. Through deep listening, guided inquiry, and a subtle awareness of energy and hands on healing I help you maneuver through the illusions of the mind and ego what is real. Facilitating the flow of energy allows the body’s natural ability to heal itself. The result ends in processing and releasing old wounds, traumas, beliefs, patterns and anything that may be locked in the subconscious mind and energy body.

The truth is that Energy work is all about YOU! Your relationship with yourself and the world around you. Through my own journey of healing and transformation I’ve explored many paths and found this fundamental relationship to be at the core of them all.

Are you ready to return to wholeness?

Reach out. I’m here to help you simplify and live a better life.
You deserve it.